Mapmydiabetes is designed to drive improved health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs of patients with type 2 diabetes.

Development of Mapmydiabetes follows the same principles used to develop a new diabetes therapy: market-led, integrated development and commercialisation underpinned by compelling value arguments.

Mapmydiabetes will be licensed to providers of diabetes care, and prescribed to all appropriate patients with type 2 diabetes for use on an ongoing basis.

Mapmydiabetes is a highly personalised, engaging and comprehensive self-management system for patients with type 2 diabetes.

On-going design and development of the Mapmydiabetes system is supported by world-leading experts, predominantly from the University of Oxford under the banner of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network.

Mapmydiabetes supports close collaboration between patients with type 2 diabetes and their healthcare team by integrating with standard care.

The Myhealth Engine is developed to be able to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard data security and anonymity without sacrificing system performance or scalability.

Mapmydiabetes is a comprehensive, disease-specific eHealth intervention designed to measurably improve patient outcomes.

Accessible from any location with internet access, Mapmydiabetes is compatible with all common desktop and mobile platforms.

Mapmydiabetes offers

  • The highest quality diabetes information, education and self-management advice developed in conjunction with world-leading experts
  • Patient data visualisation to better understand progress and health status
  • Sophisticated, personalised medicines management
  • Collaborative goal setting and tracking to encourage self-efficacy
  • Improved communication between patient and healthcare system

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